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Викторина "The Beatles in brief" Quiz
[ Скачать с сервера (31.6 Kb) ] 07 Сентября 2016, 22:27

"THE BEATLES in brief"   QUIZ

1.Where did the Beatles grow up?

in London     in Glasgow      in Liverpool     in Manchester

2. What was the first Beatles album released in the USA?

A.   Meet The Beatles!   B.     Introducing The Beatles   C.     Something New    D.    The Beatles Story  


3. What was the name of the first single the Beatles released?

A.From Me To You   B. Love Me Do      (5 October 1962)    C. Please, Please Me   D. All My Loving

4. The Beatles first number one single was

Love Me Do,  From Me To You,  Let It Be,  Yesterday

5. What was the Beatles' first feature?

Help!      Magical Mystery Tour          How I Won the War      A Hard Day's Night 

6. Which artist had the most influence on  the Beatles? 

Elvis Presley         Chuck Berry         Cliff Richard              Little Richard

7. What band did Ringo Starr play in, before   joining the Beatles?

A. The Quarrymen  B.  Rory Storm and the Hurricanes  C. The Mersey Beats   D. The Hudson Brothers

8. Who was the producer of the Beatles?

George Martin,        Brian Epstein ,        Pete Best,         Allan Parsons

9. What is Ringo Starr's birth name?

Richard Starr,      Roger Daltrey,      Richard Starkey,        Robert Starke

10. Where are the Abbey Road Studios located?

In  London,        Liverpool,      Manchester,            Glasgow

11. What is Paul's birth name?

A.Paul James McCartney   B. John Paul McCartney  C. James Paul McCartney   D. Paul Jamie McCartney

12. What is John's birth name?

A. John Lennon   B. John Winston Lennon   C. John Harold Lennon   D. John Paul Lennon

13. What song came to Paul in a dream one night while staying with his girlfriend, Jane Asher?

Yellow Submarine,      Love Me Do,         Oh! Darling,         Yesterday

14. What instrument did George Harrison play  in "Norwegian Wood"? 

Hammond Organ,        Sitar,                 Triangle,                       Guitar

15. What was the last album, of original material, recorded by the Beatles?

A.   The White Album   B.    Abbey Road   C.    Let It Be          (It was recorded on the 8th of May, 1970)   D.   Yellow Submarine 


16. When did the Beatles break up?

  1. In 1970      b.  In 1968         c. In 1966         d. In 1972 

17. Which two Beatles are still alive?

A.   Paul;  George    B.    John;  Ringo   C.    Paul;  Ringo   George;  John

18. When was John Lennon shot?

A.   May 7th, 1982   B.    February 12th, 1981   С.   December 8th, 1980   He was shot on the 8th of December, 1980.

19. Which member of the Beatles is pictured  barefoot on the front cover of the Abbey   Road album? 

a.John Lennon      b.George Harrison    c.Paul McCartney     d.Ringo Starr 

20. When did the Beatles receive their MBEs  (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from the Queen?

In 1963       In 1964      In 1965         In 1970

21. Which member of the Beatles gave back his MBE after receiving it from the Queen? 

John Lennon       George Harrison        Paul McCartney          Ringo Starr  

On November 25th, 1969 he sent the medal back to the Queen in protest against Britain’s involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra conflict and against British support of America in Vietnam.

22. Controversially, John Lennon claimed the Beatles were more popular than what?

A.   Elvis       B. Sliced Bread    C. Jesus Christ

23. Who was the youngest Beatle?

A.   Paul McCartney     B.George Harrison      C.Ringo Starr     D.John Lennon

24. Who did Paul McCartney write  ‘Eleanor Rigby’ about?

A.   His dog     B.Eleanor Bron     C.Eleanor Johnson     D.Eleanor Roosevelt

The name was after actress Eleanor Bron, who played the female lead in “Help!’

25.  Who was the original bass guitarist in the Beatles?

A.   Paul McCartney    B.    Keith Richards     C.    John Lennon

D.   Stuart Sutcliffe   It was Stuart Sutcliff, he chose to leave the Beatles and devoted himself to his work as an artist.


26. What was the name of the drummer that Ringo Starr replaced ? 

Mick Jagger       Paul McCartney      George Harrison     Pete Best

27. Who did the lead vocals in the Beatles song "I need you"?

Ringo Starr     Paul McCartney     George Harrison      John Lennon

28. Who wrote most of the Beatles songs?

A.   John Lennon   B.    Paul McCartney    C.    Ringo Starr   D.   George Harrison   E.    John Lennon /Paul McCartney

29. Which song did the Beatles give to the Rolling Stones?

A.   I wanna hold your hand    B.    Hey Jude    C.    I Wanna Be Your Man    D.   Yellow Submarine

30. Which Beatle was talented most in art?

John     George       Paul   or    Ringo

31. What are the names of John Lennon's two sons?

A.   Jude and Julian    B.     Sean and Tom    C.     John and Sean    D.    Julian and Sean

32. Who was left-handed?

George Harrison   John Lennon   Ringo Starr     or   Paul McCartney (Paul was left-handed.)

33. Which national anthem did the Beatles use at the beginning of the song ‘All You Need Is Love’?

A.   Russian    B. British     C. American    D. French    (They used the French anthem - the ‘Marseillaise’.)

34.Which single was the first released in  the USSR?

A.   Girl        B. Help!      C. Yesterday       D. Back In The USSR

35. Did the Beatles ever visit the USSR?

A.   Once     B.  Never        C. Several times          (They never visited the USSR.)

36. In the 1966 song “Taxman", who is Mr. Wilson?

A. The King Of Wales    B. A character in the film 'Help!‘    C. The name of the Beatles’ manager    

 D.  A prime minister in England (Mr.Wilson was a prime minister.The British Prime Minister of that time was Harold Wilson, presented the Labour party.)


37. Which album is generally considered to be the Beatles best and most popular album by critics and fans?

A.   Abbey Road   B.    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band   C.     The White Album    D.   Please Please Me

38. What is the job of Paul McCartney’s  daughter, Stella?

A.   A musician     B.      A teacher     C.      A fashion  designer       D.     A businesswoman

39. Which Beatles song has had the most recorded cover versions of any other known song?    

     a. Let It Be       b. Come Together     c.      Helter Skelter         d.     Yesterday

40. In 'Help!’ John says ...... is the least important member of the band. Who did he say?

A.   Himself      B. Ringo    C. George    D. Paul

And now the last extra question. Those, who first give the right answer, get extra point.

41. Where did the final Beatles LIVE paid performance take place?

A.   Wembley Stadium      B.    Shea Stadium       C.    Giants Stadium      D.   Candlestick Park


Thanks a lot for your answers. It was really interesting.

We suppose it’s high time to turn to the second part of the contest – the QUIZ Guess the song.


In this quiz every team should listen to the melody and guess the song name.

Let’s start.

1)The 1st song for team 9a – guess what it is.         ( A Hard Day’s Night)

2)The 2nd song for team 9b – what’s the song?       ( All My Loving)

3)The 3rd song for team 10a – guess what it is.          (And I Love Her)

4)The next song for team 10b – listen and guess.     (Back In The USSR)

5)Now team 10c – this song is for you to guess.             (Michelle)


The second round.

6) This song for team 9a – listen and guess.           (Norwegian Wood)

7) The next for team 9b – guess what it is.        (Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da)

8) Now team 10a – this one is for you to guess.   (Penny Lane)

9) This song for 10b. Let’s listen.      (With a Little Help From My Friend)

10) And the last for team 10c.                 (Oh, Darling) 

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